Freitag, 23. März 2012

Helen S // Join The Dots // TwenFM

Auf 88vier geht eine neue Sendung an den Start: Join the Dots. Teil des gleichnamigen britischen Elektro- Musikkollektivs ist Moderatorin und DJ Helen S. Ab Sonntag bringt sie bei TwenFM die besten Techno, Dubstep und House - Tracks des Kollektivs und anderer Künstler ins Radio.

Join the Dots ist immer am vierten Sonntag des Monats von 23 - 01 Uhr bei TwenFM auf 88vier zu hören.

Moderatorin und DJ Helen S

To whom is your broadcast directed to?

To lovers of excellent electronic music! It’s not all meant for the dancefloor and we play anything from techno to disco to bass driven tracks, a lot of it from up and coming or under the radar artists and labels.

What is your earliest radio-experience?

Personally – my mum is a huge radio fan and I grew up to the sounds of BBC Radio 2 at home and in the car. One of my earliest musical memories is hearing Michael Jackson on the radio on the way to school, I must’ve been about 4 or 5…I still get the same feeling now when I hear a truly cool track. Professionally – I started out in community radio as a guest on a show in deepest, darkest Hackney and quickly progressed to interning on the late John Peel’s radio show on BBC Radio 1. After spending all my spare time and holiday working for free, I finally got a job as assistant producer on Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 1 Show (then called The Breezeblock). I’d just got off a plane from Tokyo when I picked up the message that I’d got the job on my phone – my legs literally gave way underneath me, I was a gibbering wreck I was so excited!

When did you find out, that you feel comfortable in front of the microphone?

Fairly early on! I’ve never been nervous and always just been able to speak and express my passion for the music I love quite easily. I’ve always just wanted to make sure as many people hear it as possible, and hope they feel the same about the music as I do!

Which radio station have you been working for, before you got in touch with Twen.FM and 88vier?

I worked for the BBC for over seven years across BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network. I then left to help set up Pulse Radio, which is purely online, from the UK and Europe. When the microphone is on air, I feel like … I have quite a serious job to do ;-)

Why is radio in times of Facebook, Twitter etc. still relevant and interesting to you?

Because there’s so much music out there, it can be truly overwhelming and if you can find a person whose taste and judgement you trust they can act as an invaluable filter. I’d say in lots of ways it’s just as relevant now, if not more so.

From which place in the world, with whom or in which year would you like to produce your own radio-programme?

My ideal is to convert people who may perhaps not be aware of the sorts of music I play, so probably somewhere remote where it would have a real impact on people. Let’s say over the internet from a remote hillside village in Tibet where we’d have a live stream from a party with lots of Tibetan monks dancing to the sounds of Join The Dots.

Do you have a favorite place in Berlin?

Lots actually! Weekend I love, there’s a bar called The Dolls House in Kreuzberg which is very cool and Watergate is always a lot of fun. People always talk about the clubs in Berlin though and actually I’m very fond of the bars there- they feel like home and there’s never a chucking out time.


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