Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Hrdvsion // Fourth Estate Sound // TwenFM

Als Hrdvsion ist der Kanadier Nathan Jonson mit seinen elektronischen Tracks regelmäßig in der Berliner Techno-Clubszene unterwegs. Seit Oktober 2011 trifft er nun auch im Radio auf 88vier mit der Sendung Fourth Estate Sound den nächtlichen Puls der Stadt. 

Fourth Estate Sound läuft immer am vierten Sonntag im Monat von 1 - 2 Uhr morgens bei TwenFM auf 88vier.


To whom is your broadcast directed to?

My broadcast is directed at the people sitting at home alone, wanting to hear some new and exciting music. Sitting in front of their computers, or having a bath with the radio on, whoever it is, if they are out there, I’m sending it out to them.

What is your earliest radio-experience?

I can’t be sure, as my memory is questionable, but before having my own show back in Canada, I appeared as a guest on other shows run by friends, back when Atari Teenage Riot and Digital Hardcore Recordings ruled my life.

When did you find out, that you feel comfortable in front of the microphone?

I’m not sure if I feel comfortable in front of a microphone. I think that’s why I like to think my broadcast is directed to the person who are listening alone. It makes me much more comfortable talking to just one.


Which radio station have you been working for, before you got in touch with Twen.FM and 88vier?

I worked at CFUV 101.9fm at the University of Victoria, which is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

When the microphone is on air, I feel like …

…talking in a deep, and sometimes perverted but often cheesy voice.

Why is radio in times of Facebook, Twitter etc. still relevant and interesting to you?

I don’t see why Facebook and twitter would affect the relevance of radio.

From which place in the world, with whom or in which year would you like to produce your own radio-programme?

Right now in berlin...as for whom with? I would like to have my friends on the show more often to showcase their music, or the music they love.

Do you have a favorite place in Berlin?

My bed is definitely my favorite place in Berlin!


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